torstai 25. elokuuta 2011

Some illuminati Bitch

En oikein osannut päättää miten olisin laittanut hiukseni.

Translation: Couldn't decide what to do with my hair.

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  1. I suppose, after all, the color(am) of your hair is just about to ...

  2. I meant if I should have tied it back or on other side or just let it hang free. The colour is what it is

  3. Boring or not, the colour fits you extremely well.

  4. Siis älyttömän hyvä. Niin Alishea.

  5. Emilia: Thank you! I guess it must be so - but because I get bored rather easily I have to change my hair colour every once in a while for just a while :)

    mammamia: No niin, minkäs teet :)


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